Bolero Restaurant + Bar


Bolero is your quintessential neighbourhood bistro, an independent husband and wife owned establishment. The entrance is tucked in a narrow alleyway just off Front Street in the City of Hamilton, giving the restaurant a sense of secrecy, a place that ‘only the locals know about’.

Since 2007, Bolero remains a favourite of the city, a welcoming sanctuary for an eclectic clientele from all walks of life.  When it comes to food though, Bolero thrives by distancing itself from ‘the Bermuda norm’.

Taking inspiration from the ever prevalent and vibrant casual dining scene in the UK and Europe, Jonny Roberts the chef/owner and his small diverse crew serves up good, honest food. Simplistic dishes with minimal ingredients and minimal fuss, nothing that you can call pretentious. By understanding the flavor of very simple ingredients and making them work, the elements in his dishes gives Bolero diners the experience of excitement, fun and comfort. Known locally for consistency and with many local accolades,

Drop by the open ‘pass’ and say hi to Jonny and his motley crew while sipping your wine as they toil at your pleasure!

So no dress code, no stuffiness, no pretence! Quite simply a happy, informal dining haven.



To book a reservation online we ask you to please fill out the form below 24 hours in advance. If you wish to make a reservation today we ask you to please call us directly at 441 292 4507. We look forward to seeing you.


95 Front Street, City of Hamilton


Tel 441 292 4507


Dinner 6pm-9:30pm Tuesday-Friday Lunch 11:30am-2:30pm Dinner 6pm-9:30pm
Saturday Dinner 6pm-9:30pm Sundays Closed

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Friendly note;  Making a reservation then not showing up, can be detrimental to our independent and family owned restaurant.

If you cannot keep your reservation, no problem, but we respectfully ask that you kindly inform us in advance. 

Your consideration to our small business and our employees is greatly appreciated.

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